Mesh Systems Celebrates the Launch of the Indiana IoT Lab

Carmel, IN – Mesh Systems, a leading innovator of IoT software solutions, is excited to be a founding sponsor of the Indiana Internet of Things (IoT) Labs, one of the nation’s first public-private partnerships.  This unique alliance between public and private organizations seeks to establish Indiana as the go-to destination for IoT development. 

Doug Brune, COO of Mesh Systems explains, “Mesh Systems has been deploying IoT solutions for nearly 15 years and we are excited to be part of the expansion of the IoT footprint inside Indiana. The Indy IoT Lab will serve as a beacon drawing new and experienced talent into the region. This influx of talent will include inspired college graduates hunting for new adventures as well as experienced developers looking to make their mark on IoT.”

Mesh Systems believes that the Indy IoT Lab will serve as a foundation for continued growth throughout Indiana.  It shows that Indiana is rising star when it comes to economic growth. A recent article by Forbes indicated that since 2006

·        STEM employment is up 18%

·        tech company jobs are up an impressive 68%

·        new Indiana Internet-based jobs grew by 1,700%

·        8,100 new jobs in custom programming and systems design

Team Mesh Systems is looking forward to the Grand Opening Celebration on March 21, 2018 at 6 – 9 pm. Tickets can be reserved HERE.

“Indianapolis has a lot to celebrate,” states Brune. “According to Bain predictions outlined in a Forbes article, the B2B IoT segment will generate over $300 billion annually by 2020, including almost $85 billion in the industrial sector. Indiana is poised to be a big part of this phenomenal segment. “


About Mesh Systems

Mesh Systems is an Internet of Things software and services company bridging the gap between idea and commercial implementation. Our solutions are delivered to customers leveraging our unique set of capabilities and best-in-class framework of components, software and cloud-based infrastructure. We deliver and manage enterprise-grade IoT applications around a diverse set of customers, use cases, and industry verticals.

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Monday, February 19, 2018