Mesh Systems’ Cloud Based M2M Platform Featured in Lighting Control and Management Application

Mesh Systems’ M2M Platform, MeshVista® was recently cited in an article about a unique lighting application being deployed in sites all across North America. In the recent article by Connected World Magazine, the application was described as delivering 50% or greater energy savings with payback on the setup and installation costs in less than 24 months.

According to John Rouse, VP of Business Development for Mesh Systems, “The lighting application is a great example of how our OEM customers are deploying device-to-cloud applications using the MeshVista M2M Platform. Lighting control is one example of a smart grid application which Mesh Systems is involved in addition to environmental and commercial/retail monitoring among others.”

Mesh Systems delivers advanced M2M solutions to its customers, each individually tailored to the specific application. In the lighting example featured in the Connected World article, wireless electronic hardware components, middleware and server infrastructure and applications are provided while in others only the server side M2M platform, MeshVista Hydra&#153 is used to manage and deploy M2M applications.

To read the Connected World article click here.

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John Rouse
VP Business Development, Mesh Systems

Tuesday, April 17, 2012