Steffes Revolutionizes Renewable Energy Storage by Transforming the Humble Water Heater

Carmel, IN –

Steffes, a leading provider of innovative energy management and heating solutions, has a mission to revolutionize how we store and use renewable solar and wind energy. The key to this revolution is the simple, yet ubiquitous home electric water heater – of which there are 45 million units across the US.

Steffes partnered with Microsoft and Mesh Systems to transform and connect the humble water heater to the power grid with cloud-based IoT. According to Steffes, “If utilities connect those devices to the cloud, forming an enormous battery that keeps wind turbines spinning and stabilizes the grid, the nation would gain the equivalent of more than 200 clean power plants.”

With GETS (Grid–Interactive Electric Thermal Storage), Steffes makes it easy for homeowners to get hot water and participate in the renewable revolution. “Water heaters make up 40% of a home’s total energy usage, so having an affordable and more efficient water heater that is utilizing renewable energy will make a large-scale impact on energy consumption as well as save the homeowner money,” states Steffes.

Mesh Systems is proud to be part of this revolution started by our client, Steffes.  A special thank you to Microsoft for showcasing this video above.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative product, click to READ How Your Humble Household Water Heater Just Might Save the Planet.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018