Achieving mastery amid the churn of cloud IoT development

The reality of compounding innovation and microservices

Building innovation on top of innovation has enabled leaps of progress in a short period of time. The net effect is a layering of new applications on top of new services, on top of new hardware, often pulled together with new connectivity. That’s a great deal of “new.” Significant improvements in process have helped minimize risk. However, it’s worth noting that nobody has much experience managing all of these blocks working in concert over time.

Handling scale is only part of an IoT technology. It’s equally as important to maintain and improve that technology over time. It’s especially so in the case of IoT, where a device has a lifespan which will likely span several generations of the supporting technology. The pilot phase of an IoT system often deprioritizes lifecycle management. Don’t let that tower get too tall before considering how you will manage change.


Article first posted on TechTarget IoT Agenda.

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