How your humble household water heater just might save the planet

Energy generated by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, can tax the existing grid infrastructure, making it harder for them to fulfill their promise. Paul Steffes, of Steffes Corp, a manufacturer of water heaters states, “Utilities are hungry for something that can balance the grid.” The fix? A huge battery. Enter the smart water heaters.

Mesh Systems partnered with Steffes to design the sophisticated IoT system that ties together the individual weather heaters into a system energy storage. “A single water heater doesn’t constitute an energy load that’s of any interest to a utility. It’s only when you can aggregate then command and control a network of those heaters that you begin offering a load resource that utilities need – and give them the ability to integrate renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted,” Richard Baxter, Mesh Systems’ CEO added.

This article was originally posted on the Microsoft blog on April 10, 2017. 

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