Leadership Team


Richard V. Baxter, Jr.
Co-Founder, President and CEO

“Because we get to market through OEMs, we only succeed when those clients succeed, so it is imperative that we help craft a system that is excellent.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) will take us beyond simply creating more connections between the Internet and things. It promises to make us a part of a living, moving global nervous system, creating the potential to change the way we work, learn, entertain and innovate. 

Mesh Systems makes it possible for people to use data and devices in ways that transform the way their businesses operate with revenue opportunities they don’t even know about yet. In my role, I provide perspective and leadership inspiration to the exceptionally talented and hardworking Mesh Systems team.

I draw from more than three decades of experience as an inventor, founder and business leader at companies providing diversified electronics design and manufacturing services, global electronics manufacturing services and more. Through the years, I’ve had the opportunity to present papers for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and to speak at numerous technology events.

My desire to innovate (I hold 10 patents) and uncover the best solution to a problem is right in line with the culture at Mesh Systems. I am consistently asking myself how I can help get the best out of the team for our clients, and they deliver.

Because we get to market through OEMs, we only succeed when those clients succeed, so it is imperative that we help craft a system that is excellent. Mesh Systems has to deliver a solution that is what a client wants and needs—not what we want to force them into. Our joint success is so closely combined, which makes us true partners.

The connection of everyday objects from the physical world to cloud-based services and analytics will change daily life and transform virtually every industry. We help our client/partners be at the forefront of this seismic shift.

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Douglas K. Brune

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

“Mesh Systems makes it possible for people to use data and devices in ways that right now many people cannot even imagine.”

Like our clients, we at Mesh Systems are always aggressively looking ahead. My main focus is to scale our fast-growth company and create efficiencies that will allow us to continue on a solid growth path. Through our technology, we’re focused on helping clients create similar pathways to reach their goals.

How clients apply our IoT solutions is one of the most thrilling aspects of my work. Building processes into an organization is great because it allows companies to become larger and their actions more repeatable. But if processes can be eliminated altogether because the data provides greater insight to business challenges, ultimately costs come down for delivery of a product or service. Our technology does this very thing for our customers.

No matter how great a technology may be, it’s never a magic bullet. People are what build great organizations. That’s why the most valuable thing I can do for customers is listen to them. Our clients understand their vertical industries, and how the products and services we’re jointly delivering from the MESHVista platform can best be tailored to the needs of a particular market. If we don’t let that knowledge lead us in our strategy for clients, the solution will not ultimately be the best route for the client.

Mesh Systems makes it possible for people to use data and devices in ways that right now many people cannot even imagine. Our OEM clients are transforming the industries in which they operate, making Mesh Systems a very exciting place to be for everyone in the organization.

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Uriel Kluk

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

“We help clients bring something new and exciting to the market, not just create fancy features, and help them improve their processes and become more efficient while still increasing revenues.”

I believe that you can change the world, but you need to be bold and have a purpose. The promise in how connectivity will change the world and how we live in it gives our clients a chance to be part of that change.

In the future, a person’s virtual profile will trigger connected services that bring value to their daily routine. Cars, appliances and more will be more connected. A part of the challenge technology companies’ face today as we move toward this place of great connectivity is how to scale and deliver value for clients.

At Mesh Systems, while we push the envelope of possibility, we are honest about what a system can actually do within the limitations of today’s world. We help clients bring something new and exciting to the market, not just create fancy features, and help them improve their processes and become more efficient while still increasing revenues.

I bring more than two decades of experience to Mesh Systems. Having architected and designed an Internet protocol-centric access control system, founded and led a building automation systems integrator, and served as a technology consultant to a broad spectrum of companies, I strive to be a consistent, reliable source of information so that clients know what product value can be derived from their device data and who how different combinations of technologies can create value.

I also am consistently considering how I can design a system that will scale. I make systems that are efficient and reliable, with whichever component device or communication network the customer decides to choose. That is the beauty of MESHVista, it works with every type of design or device.  We want our technologies to be applicable to other fields and purposes.

One of the greatest values I believe Mesh Systems brings to our clients is that we can design smart, connected products faster. We utilize a set of design telemetry blocks that, when put together, creates a custom solution that is economical to make without sacrificing quality, portability or scalability. This is in contrast to other platforms currently on the market that only solve 80 percent of the problem by trying to force the problem to conform to their platform. Mesh Systems focuses on the problem first then designs the best system to meet the needs.

I believe that you should strive to be the best within yourself. The Mesh Systems team shares that principle and carries it out for clients every day.

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TJ Butler

Chief Software Architect 

“Seeing clients realize a need to change and achieving a real return on their investment in Mesh Systems is a primary motivator for me.”

While my profession is a software engineer, I’ve helped start and grow several companies over 20 years.  I think that experience makes me think like a business owner first, and an engineer second.

The most valuable thing I can do for a client is to help them vet a product or feature concept for technical feasibility and profitability before a project starts. We develop new technology not because we can or because it’s “cool,” but because it is a smart business decision for the client.

Although our clients are experts on their products, they are typically looking to us for guidance because they recognized a need to change.  Whether they’re creating something new or staying competitive, they are looking forward and taking action.  That mindset makes me think of the book, Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson.  Seeing clients realize a need to change and achieving a real return on their investment in Mesh Systems is a primary motivator for me.  I absolutely love working as an extension of our client’s team to help them "find their new cheese".

My entire career has been focused on moving machine data to the right place so someone can improve the product or the experience.  My foundation is industrial automation with a focus on energy generation and management.  I spent the latter half of my career working on enterprise level solutions for logistics, financial transactions and network security compliance which gave me some great exposure to the deceptively difficult challenges scale presents. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on talented teams that delivered patented innovation.  It’s been a fantastic primer for IoT.  I’m absolutely in the right place at the right time and I’m extremely excited to be a part of it.

As a Microsoft Azure Advisor, I collaborate outside of Mesh Systems with other engineers to help provide real-world feedback and guidance to the Microsoft product teams.  I also collaborate with our clients to evangelize the product and supporting technology which helps me stay current on both the engineering and business fronts.

The line between people and technology is blurring to the point where people don’t notice or have to think about interacting with technology.  Many IoT solutions and products require a high level of technical competence to truly realize their potential.  Mesh Systems works with customers through the entire spectrum helping customers provide systems that are easy to use from end-to-end.  If we’ve done our job well, the technology doesn't get in the way. 

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Andrew Cohoat

VP Business Development

Andrew joined Mesh Systems in July of 2019 to head the company’s business development and marketing efforts. Prior to Mesh Systems, Andrew was at DEEM, LLC where he was responsible for the profitability and growth of an account base totaling nearly 30 million in annual revenue. Before that, Andrew started his career at ERS Data Solutions, a technology services company that focused on wireless infrastructural deployments. Andrew is skilled in Account Management, Sales/Marketing strategy, and Leadership. He has a BS in Selling and Sales Management from Purdue University, with a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Professionally, above all, Andrew is obsessive about quality and transparent customer service.

Personally, Andrew is passionate about his family and philanthropic endeavors that motivate him to impact the world positively each day.

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Lisa Landig

Vice President of Program Management

“At Mesh System’s, we’ve come to understand just how obtainable goals are as a direct result of today’s technology.”

The capacity for data to empower people to make smart business decisions is greater than many people believe is even possible. I think originally people were skeptical about the scalability and reliability of wireless technology. At Mesh Systems, we’ve come to understand just how obtainable goals are as a direct result of today’s technology.

I’ve been in the contract manufacturing / IoT field since 1998 — I speak the language. My goal is to make sure clients have the best experience with us, from inception to production, from a support and project management perspective.

Having a close relationship with each client allows us to be guided that client’s objectives and determine the most efficient ways to fulfill them. As a project progresses, I’m always looking for better ways to grow, expand and improve it. Through this kind of collaborative partnership, when a client comes to us with a vision, we can help them turn their ideas into a viable, revenue-generating product.

Uncovering how MESHVista can bring the most value to each client is the key to what we do and why we are here.

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Kyle Zeronik

VP Engineering 

Mr. Zeronik joined Mesh Systems in September 2016.  Kyle brings over 20 years of technical excellence and experience in delivering software solutions across various industries and transforming teams utilizing Modern Agile precepts. 

Prior to joining Mesh Systems, Kyle was VP, Technology & Development at Blue Pillar where his team designed and delivered solutions to help customers transform their distributed energy resources into localized dispatchable micro grids.  Prior to that Mr. Zeronik worked in regulated healthcare reverse logistics and manufacturing automation industries with a keen focus on driving customer value.  Kyle began his career as a field engineer with GE Nuclear Energy where he was responsible for implementing the first computer based remote visual inspection system for nuclear facilities.  Mr. Zeronik holds a B.S. in Materials Engineering from Purdue University.  

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Richard V. Baxter, Jr.

Board of Director, Member

Richard Baxter brings to Mesh Systems more than 26 years of diverse experience in high technology services and manufacturing business.  He was founder and Chief Technology Officer of Pensar Corporation, a diversified electronics design and manufacturing services company.  At Pensar he architected and managed the company’s technology strategy, intellectual property portfolio and engineering workforce.  He served as Senior Vice President of Global Design Services for SMTC Corporation, a global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company, following SMTC’s acquisition of Pensar in 2000.  Mr. Baxter is an industry-recognized expert in sensors and embedded networking and holds 10 patents.  He is a graduate of Purdue University where he received a B.S.E.E.


Traci Dolan

Board of Director, Member

Traci Dolan most recently served as chief administrative officer of ExactTarget Inc., a global digital marketing software company, through January 2014. From 2004 through July 2011, she was also the company’s chief financial officer.  During her tenure, Dolan was responsible for all financial and administrative functions of the business, including leading the process to take the company public, which was successfully completed in March 2012. In 2013, ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce.com.  Prior to ExactTarget, Traci was CFO of Made2Manage Systems Inc., an enterprise software company, and before that was with Macmillan Publishing USA, where she held various accounting and operational positions, including vice president of finance and operations.  In 2010, she was named Finance Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards (the "Stevie Awards"). The Indianapolis Business Journal selected her as a Woman of Influence in 2010 and as a CFO of the Year in 2009 for private companies under $100 million.  In addition to serving on Mesh Systems' board, Dolan now serves on the board of directors of Steel Dynamics and is an advisory board member for several earlier-stage private technology companies. She also serves on the boards of the Central Indiana Community Foundation and Nextech. She is a former chair and board member of Techpoint Foundation for Youth and previously served on the Kelley School's board of visitors for the Indianapolis campus.


Rick Fairweather

Board of Director, Member

Rick Fairweather brings to Mesh Systems’ board a strategic perspective that draws upon 30 years of experience in the high technology computer and communications market.  Currently, Mr. Fairweather is the Vice President, Global Partner Organization, for Veritas Technologies LLC.  He leads the organization responsible for the strategic relationships and business with a select portfolio of IT industry leaders including leading Global Systems Integrators, Service Providers, Cloud Solution Leaders, and Platform & Technology firms across from all regions of the world.  Prior to this role, Mr. Fairweather thrived in a 23 year career at Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO).  Mr. Fairweather led a broad organization responsible for Cisco’s largest and most strategic partnerships in North America. This business, encompassing both product and services sales, services customers across all key vertical segments including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, Energy, Public Sector and Service Providers. Mr. Fairweather’s leadership is focused on combining the experience, energy and talent of key industry leaders with ecosystem partnerships to enable customers to achieve increased productivity and competitive advantage. Mr. Fairweather was active in both shaping and executing the strategy of Cisco in several customer and technology segments. Prior to joining Cisco, Mr. Fairweather served as the general manager of a systems integration company focused on the computer telephony integration market and managed IT organizations in prominent US corporations such as Aetna Life & Casualty and Automatic Data Processing (ADP).


David E. Steele

Board of Director, Member

From 2003 until December of 2008, Mr. Steel was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pensar Electronic Solutions, a diversified electronics design and manufacturing services company (“PES”). PES was purchased by LaBarge, Inc. (“LaBarge”)(AMEX: LB) in December 2008, and since that time, Mr. Steel has been the General Manager of the LaBarge operation in Appleton, Wisconsin, that was formerly PES. Prior to becoming the CEO of PES, Mr. Steel was the site General Manager for Surface Mount Technology Centre (SMTC), which acquired Pensar Corporation (“Pensar”) in 2000. Mr. Steel joined Pensar Corporation in 1987 and was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 1994 and held that position until the SMTC acquisition in 2000. Prior to joining Pensar, Mr. Steel held a senior level position with a prestigious regional accounting firm. He holds a license as a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In addition, Mr. Steel has served on a variety of corporate and civic Boards during his tenure with Pensar and SMTC. Mr. Steel received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in 1982.


Robert Wynne

Board of Director, Member

Robert Wynne is a founding organizer and director of the Indiana Business Bank and serves as its Chairman of Loan Committee. He is a Partner in Faegre Baker Daniels LLP and Past Member of the Strategic & Policy Board of Baker & Daniels LLP, where he has practiced in the areas of commercial law and lending, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions since joining the firm in 1985. Mr. Wynne has a B.A. from DePauw University, an M.B.A. from the Indiana University Graduate School of Business, and a J.D. from the Indiana University School of Law (Bloomington, IN). Mr. Wynne was named one of The Best Lawyers in America 2005 – 2019.


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