IOT Interactive Demo

Open your eyes to the world of IoT possibilities within your organization

SENSORINTERACT is an IoT demonstration platform that helps you quickly understand how you can build a Smart application for your company.

With the right inspiration, you can adapt existing products and services into IoT Smart products. The mobile app seamlessly communicates between the ThunderBoard sensors, the Cloud and graphic charts to visualize sensor data collected and/or control the LED lights on the device.
Only 10 Minutes to Begin Your IoT Journey
Send your data to the Cloud after a simple, ten minute setup process to begin using these monitoring elements.

Track the location of equipment throughout the day to make sure it is where it needs to be.


Measure temperature and humidity levels to ensure perfect environmental settings.


Find out whether equipment is in a fixed, stable location or has been moved.

And many more...
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Research Findings
Early payback from initial IoT efforts
22% of companies say that IoT initiatives have unlocked new revenue opportunities from existing products and services

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit, 2016
IoT is the key to digital transformation at your firm

Responding companies agree that IoT will be one of the most important parts of their organization’s digital transformation strategy
(Source: Economist Intelligence Unit)

Leaders believe IoT technologies will help them deliver internal cost savings while also driving external revenues
(Source: Economist Intelligence Unit)
SENSORINTERACT Interactive Demo Kit lets you test-drive
possible IoT solution at your company
Remote Monitoring

  • View equipment status from a central location
  • Keep track of entire facility or individual products to ensure working properly
  • Prevent costly onsite system checks

Predictive Maintenance

  • Anticipate equipment maintenance before an incident occurs
  • Prevent costly downtime by ensuring equipment uptime
  • Maintain equipment reliability and extend life of product

Start With Mesh Systems for Simple, Scalable IoT Solutions

If your company is interested in joining the IoT Revolution, Mesh Systems can help. All you need is an idea and SENSORINTERACTIoT Demo kit can help your team find that idea. Great opportunities often start from the simplest of ideas that impact the way people live and work.

To receive your configurable SENSORINTERACT IoT Demo kit , please complete the online form so we can verify your qualification and ship the IoT Demo device to you.

Once received, follow the simple instructions to download and configure the SensorInteractApp.

For additional questions contact Mesh Systems at 317-661-4800.


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