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Delivering Value - Mesh Systems can help you accomplish your business goals by quickly delivering turnkey IoT / M2M solutions to the market.

Mesh Systems works directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to network-enable their products.  We have extensive relationships with supply chain partners that provide hardware, software and network elements that are important components with any Smart Product built with the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology. 

Companies turn to Mesh Systems because we are a complete, end-to-end partner that can help them in their quest to launch new products and services.  Our 10+ years of industry expertise allows us to deliver a complete, turnkey Smart product by addressing the following areas:

  1. Idea Conception - brainstorming and definition, commercial use cases, recurring revenue modeling
  2. Proof of Concept - Smart product concept and design options
  3. Smart Device Design - Smart product prototype creation, strategic sourcing decisions 
  4. Embedded Engineering - MV Agent™ configuration and embedded engineering design
  5. Device Certification - certification with FCC and network carriers
  6. Smart Device Manufacture - manufacturing program management and/or assembly
  7. Device Networking - MV Connect™ activation, infrastrucure and provisioning, LAN and/or WAN management
  8. Transformation to Action - MV Smart Cloud™ activation, data extraction, ingestion, rules engine, event notification, analyiss and visualization 
  9. Launch and Commercialization - full-scale Smart product launch and deployment 
  10. Smart System Apps - management and user apps, web and mobile, ongoing support and maintenance 

Key to any Mesh Systems' designed IoT system is our award winning platform, MESHVista.  MESHVista, a cloud based platform enables companies to create and support Smart products that instantly connect, monitor, analyze and control remote devices.

You can rely on Mesh Systems to help you rapidly bring your Smart Product to market.  With MESHVista, many Smart products go from idea conception to prototype rollout in 2 months.

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