Drive additional revenue streams by delivering new products and services

MESHVista®, an award winning, component based IoT platform, helps companies develop and launch new products faster than ever before. Some new products go from concept to Smart product prototype in less than two months.

As long as the "Thing" has a digital pulse (device data), Mesh Systems can help organizations transform their product – or create an entirely new one – into a Smart product.

It can be a clock, a lock, a sign, a lighting system or even a plant’s or city’s power grid... the possibilities are endless.

With Mesh Systems as a partner, companies can have:

  • user-centric Smart products that enhance the entire user experience
  • accelerated Smart product development timelines
  • a robust IoT platform that is scalable to support deploiyments with a large Smart products
Read more about real world Smart applications in the IoT Application Showcase.

Contact us now to learn how the MESHVista IoT platform can Connect machines and transform your products into Smart products that Monitor, Analyze and Control your system.