Deliver breakthrough product performance to reshape existing industry boundaries

Mesh Systems stands at the forefront of the ‘Internet of Things’ revolution because the company's 10 year history has allowed us to develop our industry leading approach to Smart product deployments. Our enterprise clients know that successful products are more than a collection of features, but a holistic approach to amplify value by delivering functions that enhance the overall user experience.

We help companies in their quest to launch new products and services that disrupt their markets and leap over competition. MESHVista®, a scalable, cloud based IoT platform, helps companies expand market opportunities through value added services. Smart products with user-centric functions and services enable organizations to differentiate beyond price alone.

With Mesh Systems as a partner, companies can:

  • deliver user-centric Smart products differentiated beyond price
  • redefine industry boundaries and their role as a thought leader
  • provide high value products with lower lifetime ownership costs
  • crush the competition

Read more about real world Smart applications in the IoT Application Showcase.

Contact us now to learn how the MESHVista IoT platform can Connect machines and transform your products into Smart products that Monitor, Analyze and Control your system.