MESHVista®, a cloud-based platform, enables companies to create and support Smart products that instantly Connect, Monitor, Analyze and Control remote devices and machines. It is a component-based platform that enables Mesh Systems to design a Smart system specifically tailored to an industry need and bring it to market incredibly fast.

Highly compatible with wired, wireless, and hybrid networks, MESHVista helps customers unlock digital data stored in heterogeneous devices, thereby allowing companies to make informed decisions, improve operating efficiency, enhance customer service and drive new revenue streams. MESHVista supports single node or multi-node local area networks and interfaces to these LANs via wired or cellular channel access.

A Smart system with MESHVista as its cornerstone utilizes the following elements to unify a IoT/M2M solution:

  • MESHVista Smart CloudTM – This platform combines components that allow data ingestion, business rule logic, data storage, data retrieval, data visualization and enterprise integration.  The capabilities come together into a unified Smart Cloud that is configured to meet the needs of a particular Smart system.
  • MV AgentTM – Embedded in “Things” to transform them into Smart products, MV Agents contain MESHVista software that works in concert with the Thing to normalize the data so it can be transported across both wired and wireless networks using MV Connect.  This is the key interface into the Thing enabling control, monitoring and analysis by the cloud. 
  • MV ConnectTM – Also embedded in “Things”, MV Connect is software that allows connectivity into the MESHVista Smart Cloud via wireless or wired networks.  Efficient, reliable and secure communication into the cloud is a necessity for scalable, low cost smart systems.  With our proven AlwaysON™ technology, the software running in both the Thing and the cloud establishes and maintains the critical connection using wireless protocols, encrypted communication and cloud based components.



Speed to market: By leveraging the MESHVista platform and our deep design expertise, Mesh Systems helps our OEM customers bring products to market more rapidly.

Connection speed. The underlying technology of the MESHVista platform connects and transmits data in a real-time manner, allowing devices to communicate and act instantly.


Secure. Mesh Systems extensive ecosystem of supply chain partners ensures reliable and secure wireless, wired or hybrid network services for our OEM customers. MESHVista incorporates additional technical protections to help secure customer data transactions.


Reliable. The MESHVista platform is designed to be solid and robust for today’s systems as well as future-friendly for tomorrow’s. Our distinct approach enables Mesh Systems to comprehensively meet the requirements of complex IoT / M2M applications that need to connect remote objects and unlock valuable information.


Extensive. A cloud-based framework, MESHVista weaves together heterogeneous devices, technologies and networks so that they can be deployed extensively, regardless of the geographic scope or number of machines. Its standards based architecture supports system interoperability.

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