S.E.E.R. Approach

The Mesh Systems team approaches each new IoT Smart project with a holistic philosophy that focuses on our OEM client’s desired outcomes. MESHVista, our time-tested, component based platform, is uniquely suited to this approach as it allows Mesh Systems IoT architects to configure the components and design a system tailored specifically to meet the Smart product’s business requirements.

When evaluating connection design criteria for a Smart product or system, Mesh System incorporates what we call S.E.E.R. principles:
Secure:  We design systems that ensure security of each device, the overall system and the corporate entity as data flows between devices, software systems and back.
Economical:  Cost optimization. Mesh System architects consider cost/value tradeoffs when developing complete Smart systems, for both current and future system needs. 
Efficient:  Each Smart product and system must be efficient with respect to the way applications interact with the MESHVista IoT platform. Massive amounts of data are part of any application deployment and efficient data transmission, ingestion and retrieval are cornerstone.
Reliable: Every connection point within the Smart system must be consistent and reliable, especially with respect to the "last mile".  The last mile is the final leg of the wireless data transmission to a Smart product and there are a myriad of considerations to account for to ensure reliability.

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