Why MeshVista

Accelerated Smart product rollout timelines - MESHVista is a time-tested IoT platform designed to have configurable components. This allows the Mesh Systems IoT/M2M architects to quickly design a turnkey system specifically tailored to each unique business situation. Smart product development timelines are compressed since the system does not require extensive, custom development work. Mesh Systems clients have seen Smart system prototype development work drop from 24 months to 2 months. Faster development rollout timelines contribute significantly to rapid revenue achievement and high ROIs.

Scalable for large "Thing" networks The MESHVista platform is designed to be deliver elastic scale while also being robust enough to handle extensive, widely dispersed Smart product networks. Once a Smart system is deployed into the market, it can be elastically sized to support a wider network of connected devices. The Smart system auto-scales in the cloud starting at hundreds and growing to millions of Smart things.

Reliable, field-tested IoT platform Mesh Systems has over 10 years experience delivering turnkey, Smart systems for organizations. We have thousands of Smart products currently deployed in places such as bars and restaurants, manufacturing plants, lighting structures, boat docks and the top of the Eiffel Tower! With over 100 years experience building Smart solutions, our IoT / M2M system architects developed MeshVista to be the cornerstone of all Mesh Systems' designed Smart products. A unique platform, its framework was developed to be component based. This gives Mesh Systems flexibility to quickly design a turnkey system that specifically tailored to meet customer requirements for unique business environments. With MESHVista, each Smart system is designed from the outside in so that it is never force fit or limited by constraints of pre-existing technology components.

Extensive cloud computing capability for massive amounts of data  Each networked product generates vast amounts of data throughout each and every day.  When one multiplies each device by the number of devices in the Smart system community results in "Big Data."  These vast quantities of data must be ingested and transformed into actionable information that controls and commands Smart products. MESHVista uses Microsoft Azure infrastructure to deliver powerful cloud computing capabilities. With elastic cloud computing capability, MESHVista can effectively manage massive amounts of data coming into and from the platform. 

Commitment to joint success Mesh Systems is deeply committed to your success – we only win when your Smart solution is successful – your success is our success. All Smart solutions are custom designed from the outside in and deployed for each OEM organization. Mesh Systems works with your team to understand the business situation, articulate requirements from a customer viewpoint and design a Smart system that fits use scenarios. Mesh Systems helps organizations cost optimize their Smart product. This means that the team balances short-term development costs and ongoing support costs with potential revenue potential so that your new Smart product will be commercially successful in the marketplace.

Access to Best-of-Breed supply chain partners Mesh Systems works with great partners who provide great products and services. Our deep supply chain relationships give Mesh Systems the flexibility to design a complete ‘Internet of Things’ system tailored to specific business requirements with technical components that match usage and cost requirements.  As a result the system is powerful, efficient and economical to deploy.

  • Cloud computing - Our partnership with Microsoft and their Azure cloud provides Mesh Systems the infrastructure and services needed for enterprise deployments of our MESHVista platform.  
  • Wireless communications networks – Because MESHVista is connected to all major cellular carriers, when a deployment requires a cellular component, the commissioning, deployment, and management of a device on the network is a natural part of the solution.
  • Device hardware – Mesh Systems selects the best set of hardware to meet the business requirements of the individual Smart system.  Whether providing device hardware or integrating into existing equipment or machines, Mesh Systems can facilitate and deliver the best solution.


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