Derive intelligence by systematically
evaluating device data

Companies can collect data from devices and machines to derive business intelligence that is used to uncover trends and predict customer or future product needs.  With MESHVista, applications can quickly cull through vast quantities of data to control, analyze and optimize performance of today’s Smart products or discover patterns that are transformed into user-centric, future products.

Together Mesh Systems’ IoT system architect team and deployment team makes OEM clients’ Smart product visions a reality.  Our IoT system architect team has over 100 years experience building data-intensive Smart systems.  Mesh Systems’ deployment team utilizes disciplined, milestone-based operating procedures and has successfully rolled out IoT/M2M systems with thousands of remote devices.

The MESHVista IoT platform, with its component based framework facilitates data flows between three categories for more efficient analysis:

  • NOW data – real-time “hot” data is processed instantly by MESHVista Smart Cloud into notifications and alerts about product performance
  • NEAR data – considered “warm” data, it is five to seven days old and is used to command and control products and balance loads between products within a Smart system
  • ARCHIVE data – this type of "cold" data is the cumulative historical data and it is analyzed to uncover trends, predictions and correlations

Read more about real world Smart applications in the IoT Application Showcase.

Schedule a conversation today with a Mesh Systems IoT system expert about fully utilizing data to optimize product value. Learn how the MESHVista IoT platform can Connect machines and transform your products into Smart products that Monitor, Analyze and Control your system.