Build Smart products that are self-controlling, self-sensing and self-optimizing

Customers want to lower costs by implementing a Smart system that can execute commands remotely and reliably.  Today’s Smart systems use MESHVista, the premier platform for the ‘Internet of Things,’ to deliver such functionality.  

Smart products can autonomously execute remote real-time decision making, repairs and system administration.  

A Smart system design using the MESHVista IoT platform provides service technicians with a real-time view into a product or system’s health via web-based management portal or integration into enterprise tools.  It can also deliver configuration and deployment information, reporting dashboards and product health notifications and alerts.

The Mesh Systems’ deployment team utilizes disciplined, milestone-based operating procedures to quickly launch Smart products.  The team has successfully rolled out IoT / M2M systems with thousands of remote devices and helped companies scale and support vast communities of Smart products. Our IoT system architect team has over 100 years experience building connected systems that enable companies to remotely command and control Smart products and systems. Together they make OEM clients’ Smart product visions a reality.

Read more about real world Smart applications in the IoT Application Showcase.

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