Extend product uptime and lower support costs

Leading enterprise companies have an intense focus on delivering the highest quality products to the market. Ensuring product uptime and delivering cost effective, post-sales support and service is an integral part of a positive end user experience.  Today’s Smart systems use MESHVista, the premier platform for the 'Internet of Things,' to deliver an enhanced user experience.  

Mesh Systems IoT architects design and deliver Smart systems that monitor the complete system as well as each and every device.  Widely recognized as thought leaders, our IoT system architect team has over 100 years experience building ‘Internet of Things’ systems that perfects a Smart product monitoring capability.

Mesh Systems’ deployment team utilizes disciplined, milestone-based operating procedures and has successfully rolled out IoT/M2M systems with

thousands of remote devices.  Together they make OEM clients’ Smart product visions a reality.

Monitoring capability enables support teams to provide proactive, real-time support so that users have access to reliable products.  Through effective monitoring companies can establish preventive maintenance plans and pin-point specific device issues more quickly.  

Through effective monitoring, companies can:

  • accurately evaluate the Smart product’s (or product community) condition
  • check on the Smart product’s external environment
  • deliver real-time notifications and alerts to support technicians
  • evaluate Smart product historical device to establish preventive maintenance strategies
  • deepen customer loyalty by ensuring timely maintenance that increases Smart product uptime

Read more about real world Smart applications in the IoT Application Showcase.

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